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Thursday, June 16, 2005


The highlight of my life as of last Wednesday

I'm having a hard time finding the time to write in my blog. Correction, I'm having a hard time making the time to write in my blog. So I have a new resolution: I will write three times a week in the evening instead of watching TV. I can do this. I'm not going to worry about what to write about. I'm just going to sit down and write. There's got to be some nugget of something floating around in my head that I might want to write about and that you might want to read.

For example, let me tell you what happened to me last Wednesday. I was doing my weekly grocery shopping at Trader Joe's and I decided to buy a bottle of Frangelico hazelnut liquor. mmmmm. I wanted a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream, but I couldn't find it in the one minute I had left before Emily was officially done (as only a toddler can be done) with the shopping experience.

I was more than a tad surprised but certainly delighted when the checkout clerk carded me. I thought for sure that a six-month-old strapped to my chest and a two-year-old whining about balloons in my cart would prove that I was at least thirty. Not to mention the fact that my cart was filled with healthy things like salad mix, veggies, and fruit, and I was trying to buy FRANGELICO, for God's sake. Hardly the drink of the young, although certainly the drink of the young at heart. A few moments after carding me, the clerk told me I looked only twenty-three or twenty-four. I momentarily contemplated the fact that he might be flirting with me, but who would flirt with a woman schlepping around two kids? And then he told me about this great drink called a Nutty Irishman. It's Frangelico mixed with Bailey's. Sounds good, I told him, but I didn't think they sold Bailey's. He assured me that they do and asked me if I wanted him to get me a bottle. Why yes! I've come to terms with the fact that when you're hauling around crying baggage like I am, you can't be proud; If help is offered to you, certainly accept it. After he ran back with my bottle of Bailey's we conversed about the appropriate time to start imbibing. He suggested 11:00 AM was ok (It was then 5 minutes til). I think I may have giggled at that point. It's downright embarassing what a simple compliment (if you can call being carded a compliment) can do to a person who spends most of her waking hours trying to guess what the word na na means.

So that's the story of how my spirits were lifted on a Wednesday morning. It was good to have a little lighthearted flirtation on an otherwise trying grocery shopping adventure. Oh, and you have got to try this drink. It's especially good with a squirt of whipped cream. Yum!