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Saturday, May 26, 2007


Three days was the morning

May 25, 2007, 8:07 AM
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I think that there ought to be a moment or two in one's life that it is they -- as an adult -- taking their party to the limit. And that's quite simply what the story is about, so anyone who couldn't understand the lyrics probably has not taken their party to the limit yet. --Perry Farrell

It's the first day of our three day weekend. Monday is Memorial Day, a U.S. holiday commemorating "men and women who have died in military service to their country."

My calendar is pleasantly empty. Today we're going to a good-bye party for Amanda of Mandajuice and her family, who are living their dream and moving on to greener pastures in a more cost-friendly state. I'm so happy for her!

Other things I want to do this weekend include:

  • Addressing and mailing out the invites to Emily's 4th birthday party.
  • Landscaping part of our backyard with rocks. We've got a very shady area under our apple tree and I want to create a circle of rocks under the tree and put some mulch down around that. Not much would grow under the canopy this tree creates and I've already struggled once in my lifetime to have a shade garden in dense shade. No, thanks!
  • Enjoying the beautiful, sunny weather.
  • Eating some barbequed meat and potatoes smothered in mayonnaise.
  • Going swimming at our local rec center. I just renewed our annual membership and got new bathing suits for the kids, who have been growing like weeds lately.
  • Taking in the straps on my new Target dress. This is a common alteration for little 'ol B-cup me. Stop the gap! If I do this in the next couple of hours, I'll have something to wear to Amanda's party. Incentive!

Next week I start an outpatient chemical dependency treatment program. I'll go to three group meetings a week and an additional one-on-one meeting with a counselor. I met my counselor yesterday and she's very nice. She wore pretty perfume. I like her. It's nice to talk to someone who totally gets everything you're saying.

I'm taking my party to the limit.

Have a great weekend, friends.