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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Assess for Light, Obsess Accordingly

Playroom Photoshoot
Originally uploaded by marytsao.
It's official: I'm an amateur photographer. Hurray for me, I have a hobby and it's not breeding! My latest photographic obsession is natural light; I much prefer to take photos without a flash. These days, lighting dictates whether I'll take photos in a given situation, rather than the situation itself. It's all about the light. I especially like strong indoor light, morning light, and twilight. Maybe one of these days I'll upgrade to a fancy camera that will require me to learn about apertures and F stops and stuff like that. But for now, I'm happy with my Canon Digital ELPH, aka my trusty point and shoot.

Since starting my Flickr account in August, 2005, I've uploaded 3,297 photos. Amazing.

Today was a busy, fun day. The kids got hair cuts in the morning, then we went to a noontime surprise birthday party for a two-year old friend, Kate. After lunch, I dropped the kids off with Rosa and had a relaxing afternoon. First I got a mani/pedi, then I got my hair cut, and I finished off the afternoon by shopping for--and finding!--something special to wear this weekend when Mike and I go on our romantic getaway. It felt like a successful day because we got a lot accomplished and we had fun. Also, my nails look good.

Tomorrow morning we pick up Grammie Martha. Not sure what else the day will hold, but I do know one thing: pictures will be taken!