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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Mutiny on the potty

Eating watermelon on a hot day
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Day two of potty training is going well. The weather is warm and without clothes to hinder him, Thomas is a champ at holding his pee long enough to find the potty and pee in it. It's a different story when he's wearing clothes because he's not used to pulling his pants on and off by himself. And let's just say the #2 made it near but not exactly in our little plastic friend.

But, hey, it's only day two and I think that his desire to be a big boy might be for big boy reals. Wow. It's going to be really cool not to have to bring diapers with us to Burning Man. And I just realized that when you no longer have the chore of changing diapers, a changing table becomes obsolete. I see a re-decoration of Thomas's room in the near future. Fun!

It's possible that's all I have to write. When you're in the throes of potty training you don't leave the house and you don't focus on much else. Oh, I guess I could mention that an electrician came by today to give me a quote on getting a 230V outlet and hardwiring our new hot tub, which Mike bought last weekend. I'm so proud of Mike for finally getting the hot tub. When he left to go to the store I shouted at him, "Don't come back if you haven't purchased a hot tub!" To which he replied, "Sometimes these things take several visits to the store!" and left in a huff. When he called thirty minutes later to go over the pricing I was very, very happy. The tub will take a couple of weeks to manufacture, but it's probable we'll have the latest yard project completed in June. Two months start to finish = not bad, not bad at all.

If potty training takes only that long I will be a very happy woman indeed.