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Sunday, July 24, 2005


To Thomas on the occasion of your second tooth

Dear Thomas,

This past weekend Daddy, Mommy, Emily, and you went camping. You should know that Mommy worked for over two days getting ready for this trip including getting up early on Saturday morning to bake corn muffins from scratch.

We packed the car Saturday morning while you took your morning nap. When you woke up we realized that you had a slight fever. We were concerned, but we hoped it was because you were teething. Because we (mostly Mommy) had put so much time and energy into getting ready for the trip we decided that we would not let “a little fever” spoil our good time. You then spent the rest of the weekend trying to convince us that we had made the wrong choice.

Thomas, you normally are a content and happy baby. Granted, you are somewhat of a mama’s boy, but your behavior is in line with most seven month olds’. This is why it saddened and sometimes angered Mommy when you were neither content nor happy during much of this camping trip.

To begin with, you refused to hang out in your pack-n-play. We packed it but you did not want to play in it. Now I know I have oftentimes referred to this structure as a baby jail, but that was a humorous reference and not to be taken seriously by anybody, definitely not by you.

Even after Mommy dosed you with baby Tylenol to help ease your pain you still refused to be put down, and Mommy and Daddy had to drag out the dreaded Baby Bjorn and break their backs hauling around your 19 pound carcass while attempting to set up camp, make lunch, chase Emily, and relax because they were on vacation.

Life with you got especially trying for Mommy when we tried to go to bed. At first we had some laughs and you seemed happy, but then you threw up all over the sheets and Mommy had to smell your rotting regurgitated supper all night long. Mommy knows it was all night long because you woke her up every twenty minutes to remind her. At 3 AM Mommy muttered out loud, “I quit,” but God must not have heard because nothing happened and eventually the sun came up and you were still the baby and Mommy was still the Mommy. But now you were a baby with two teeth instead of just one.

Thomas, it was obvious to Mommy and Daddy this weekend that you already are spoiled by the luxuries of suburban living since you were unable to cope with even one lousy night of biting cold, scary noises, and strange sleeping arrangements. However, we want to congratulate you on your second tooth and let you know that it is unlikely we, especially Mommy, will ever forget this occasion.

We love you.