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Sunday, July 17, 2005


One stack down

You know those stacks of paper that tend to accumulate in the vertical areas in your house such as the kitchen table, kitchen counter, hall table, dining room table, desk, dresser, nightstand, on top of the dryer...

I just sorted through one of them!

Yes, I tackled the giant stack of important papers on our kitchen counter. Funny how many important papers become garbage if you wait long enough. Also, why do I cut out recipes from magazines? This is a bad habit that I must immediately stop. It's as bad as buying craft kits that never get opened. It's a sickness. And I make fun of women who buy all kinds of scrapbooking supplies then never produce a single (finished) scrapbook. Jeez, project much?

I have at least two more stacks to go. One is from the couple of months immediately preceding Thomas' birth. The other is from the couple of months immediately after Thomas' birth. Having a baby tends to sidetrack you. It also gives you a convenient excuse for bad habits you've actually had for years. I hope there are no bills or other important letters in those stacks, like an unopened love letter from Brad Pitt or something. I doubt it. They're probably just two stacks of garbage at this point.