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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Mom's Dinner

Last night I made a Mom's Dinner for my friend Leslie. A Mom's Dinner is a dinner you make for a new mom and her family. I had lots of Mom's Dinners made for me after Thomas was born and let me tell you, they're great! Leslie had her third child a couple of months ago. She's also recovering from gall bladder surgery she had three weeks ago, and yesterday she drove home from Southern California in a minivan with all three kids. (And I thought my life was hard!) This woman clearly deserved a great homemade dinner that she didn't have to make.

Leslie's Dinner

Barbequed Marinated Tri-tip [I get these pre-marinated from Trader Joe's. It's the easiest and yummiest slab of meat you've ever made. Get one for your next dinner party; your friends will be highly impressed.]

Buttery Cooked Carrots [Carrots even kids will eat.]

Mashed Potatoes [I made these with peeled Yukon Gold potatoes, real butter, sour cream, salt, and pepper. They may have been the best mashed potatoes I've ever made.]

Ceasar Salad [Another great ready-to-go item from Trader Joe's.]

Country Sordough Loaf [Excellent artisan bread from Grace Baking Co.]

Snickerdoodle Cookies [I made a dozen of Tom's Cookies' take-n-bakes. Really good take-n-bakes, which is what most, ok ALL, of my cookies are.]