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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


NaNoWriMo Day 1: Get your NaNoWriMo Meter here

I've had a great first NaNoWriMo day. I've fired my inner critic and I'm dumping out the words like nobody's business. So far I've got a little over 2000; I'm ahead of schedule!

Also, my respect for anybody who has written a novel that has dialogue in it is growing by the minute. So far I've written five pages of thoughts, actions, and setting, but no dialogue. [Note to self: Introduce another character, please. Have your first character and your second character talk to each other, please. Please!]

To help me stay on schedule word count-wise, my smart and geeky husband has written a NaNoWriMo Meter, an extension for the Firefox browser. So if you're not already using Firefox, go get it. Then, install this nifty extension (it will take two seconds). Once it's installed you have a visual way to confirm that you're ahead of schedule, that you're right on schedule, or that you're doomed.

Coming up: NaNoWriMo Day 2 or procrastination through shoe shelf organization.

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