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Monday, February 27, 2006


Self Portrait Tuesday: Faces of Mary

It's Self Portrait Tuesday and the theme/challenge is All of me. Embrace your mistakes. Love the ugly bits.

I was inspired to do a Faces of Mary collage by the great one that Christina over at my typography did of herself.

Like so many people, I have my standard camera-ready smile and I rarely post--or like--photos that show any other face. People remark that I look the same in every photo. Friends who are photographers hate how I "Smile for the camera!" What can I say? I was taught the "Say Cheese!" method from an early age. Weren't we all? In fact, I'm attempting to teach my own kids the "Say Cheese!" method right now, but they seem to be much more enlightened than I am and are not falling prey to this well-worn custom of the matriarchy.

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