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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


San Francisco podcast alert: Sparkletack

Do you like San Francisco and San Francisco history? If so, check out my friend Richard Miller's weekly podcasts about San Francisco. He and his podcasting site Sparkletack have been getting a lot of press. Chris Smith over at San Francisco magazine gave Sparkletack an A- and writes:

"Discussing the iconic (Golden Gate Bridge as suicide magnet) as well as the obscure (Black Bart, prospector turned bandit and bad poet), the posts are infused with Miller's quirky personal musings.

Miller's irreverence and good humor give even dry subjects an appealing intimacy."

I find the fact that my friend has a fairly well known podcasting site particularly interesting because until today he didn't know that I was a mommyblogging diva and I didn't know that he was a San Francisco podcasting master. The situation begs the question, "What would happen if you came out to your friends as a blogger...?" You just might be surprised (as I was) at what you find out.

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