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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Juice box and the damage done

Today was a bad day. I made the mistake of thinking the kids and I would spend a relaxing, quiet day at home. This is what I wanted, but not what they wanted. They were irritable and bored from the moment they woke up, long before they came to understand that the door was never going to open to release them from this hell called home.

It was that bad.

Plus, we ran out of apple juice, which my son is addicted to like a junky to the junk. It's not a pretty sight when we've run out and mama hasn't gone down to the corner for more. Not a pretty sight at all. And the screaming! Mike said Thomas screams like a girl, which my feminist side would have taken great offense at if she hadn't ditched this place the minute those two pink lines appeared.

ANYWAY. The kids are in bed now and sleeping like the angels they are not. I've eaten dinner, done my exercises (25 minutes on the elliptical, 25 push ups, 150 crunches, 200 butt crunches, 1000 kegels), read my bloglines, and now I'm relaxing with a cup of hot cocoa. Things are looking up.

Yesterday I wasn't as foolish as I was today. I got those kids dressed and out of the house before they had time to finish watching Sesame Street. Then we drove into The City to check out the temporary digs of the Steinhart Aquarium.

The Steinhart Aquarium is part of the larger California Academy of Sciences. Their permanent home is in Golden Gate Park. While their building is being completely renovated, the Steinhart has moved to Howard Street, south of Market and close to the Sony Metreon and Moscone Center. And right next door to Buca di Beppo! A bonus for those of you who live to eat your weight in spaghetti!

We were lucky that there was only one school class sharing the Steinhart with us yesterday morning. And since they were unruly and undisciplined children, they were doing more running around and banging on glass than my own unruly kids were. Cool. They were making my kids look good!

After the kids ran around the main floor for 45 minutes, I realized that the second floor had an area called the Nature Nest, which is for kids five and under. When we got up there the Nest was empty except for my two little squawkers and me. I sat down on a vinyl and germ covered pillow and contemplated getting some shut eye while Thomas and Emily went about the business of putting everything in their mouth just to see if they could.

I had no sooner closed my eyes when Emily's cry of, "Poo!" filled my ears. She's no closer to being potty trained, but she's certainly getting picky about how she likes her diaper. She prefers clean and dry to warm and smushy; I hope that means we're making progress.

I'm glad nobody was in line behind us to use the family bathroom since Emily's poo triggered one of Thomas's. I hate changing one child's diaper while simultaneously craning my head and screaming at the other one, "Don't touch anything!" When we finally left the bathroom I was exhausted and definitely ready for a nap.

Unfortunately, the Nature's Nest had become overrun with elementary school kids in our absence. I knew they were too old for the space but it was obvious their teacher needed a nap more than I did. The kids were wild and I could see Emily and Thomas watching and learning. Both of them stood slack-jawed, staring at the older kids jumping from the tops of the play structures and throwing wooden puzzle pieces. Today Emily started saying, "Shut up!" Coincidence? I think not.

Eventually it was time to leave to go meet Auntie Jennie for lunch at the Thirsty Bear. Thomas was in the stroller and Emily was walking except that halfway to the restaurant she decided that walking was no longer her thing. I therefore had to carry her her while pushing Thomas in the stroller. Is it any wonder my back is killing me today?

Wait, I said yesterday was the good day, right? Oh ya, there was fried calamari for lunch and two big chocolate hearts from Auntie Jennie. Then Mike brought home dinner (steaks and mashed potatoes and more fried things!) and gave me a blue topaz and sterling silver bracelet for Valentine's Day.

Today got a lot better after I started remembering yesterday.