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Saturday, February 11, 2006


Mommybloggers Love Day Rumble

Jenny, Jenn and Meghan over at Mommybloggers are at it again! This time they're presenting for your Valentine's Day enjoyment one new entry about love EVERY HOUR for the next four days! Amazing. Mommyblogger Jenny Lauck writes:

We left the interpretation of "love" up to our guests. We left the interpretation of "short" up to them, too. When the entries started to pour in, we were stunned. We are thrilled to have over 40 wonderful entries to present over the next four days. We've got quick laughs, triumphant beating of the odds, explorations of loss, love interpreted simply and in very specific detail. Quite simply, this collection of words has taken our breath away.

My entry is titled Happy Valentine's Day, Foxy Lady and it's about treating the person you love the most (you) to a weekend away. I wrote this entry in my head during my own weekend away in January.

The entries over at Mommybloggers are interesting and varied. Go check them out. You'll be glad you did.

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