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Sunday, February 05, 2006


That might be Paul, but where is Paul's wife?

I'm using the fact that it's Superbowl Sunday to eat appetizers and drink champagne all day. I've decided to root toot toot for the Steelers, but that's because I once had the hots for a guy who liked them. You know how it is. If things had turned out differently, I might have been drinking beer with a bunch of Steelers fans and getting beat up tonight.

But whatever. What I'm here to rant about is the Fidelity Investments commercial feature Paul McCartney. Paul: beatle, poet, father, frontman, producer, business mogul, painter, and knight. What's missing from this list?

Boyfriend. Lover. Husband.

Mike suggested that they omitted mention of those roles because they're personal. Okay, then why include father? Isn't that personal? Also, who made him a father? Wasn't it his WIVES?

It's clear to me that the advertising folks decided to omit footage of either one of his wives in order to entirely skirt the issue that his first wife Linda McCartney is dead, as well as the issue that his second wife Heather Mills isn't much admired by those who thought Linda was Paul's "one" and should have been his "only."

Lame. I have more to say on this topic (the invisibility of women as wives) besides my rant on this single incident, but I have to return now to my champagne.


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