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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I'm creme de la creme'ing all over the place

I got all dressed up this morning and rushed around the house while shouting things to the kids like, "Are your shoes on? Where are your shoes?? Turn off that TV! C'mon, c'mon, mommy's going to be LATE!!" I felt like a working mom all over again.

What the heck was my rush?

Well, I had a hot date with Andrew Shue. (You might remember him as hunky Billy from good 'ol Melrose Place.)

And I gotta say, that guy hasn't aged a bit since the 90s, when we made sure we were home on Wednesday nights to hear dialogue like this:

Billy Campbell: I'm a writer.
Alison Parker Armstrong: Writer? What kind of writer?
Billy Campbell: A novelist.
Alison Parker Armstrong: You mean like Jackie Collins?
Billy Campbell: No, I mean like Norman Mailer.