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Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Prepare to be dazzled

Mama and The Dazzler
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As promised, here is a picture of the The Dazzler, the strawberry thing I brought to a Fourth of July BBQ. It was a mother f**king b**ch to make, so I don't know when I'll do it again. But! Once I finished it and realized that the gash I made on my hand did not go to the bone and would not require stitches, I was mighty proud of both The Dazzler and myself. And also? It dazzled. I received many compliments and realized the pain was worth the glory.

Next year I'll be back to making lemon bars.

Lots of fun things have been happening around here, which means I haven't had much time to blog. That's a bummer since when my memory goes--and that's already happening--I'll have only this blog to remind me what happened, and I want to remember the good times, too. Not just the won't-somebody-please-take-these-kids moments. You know.

Yesterday I got a wild hair to drive to San Francisco for a cupcake. Here's one of the things I love about being a slacker without a job: I can plan an entire DAY around getting a cupcake into my gut. Ah, life. Alas, I was foiled because the trendy cupcake place (Citizen Cupcake for those of you who must know) decided to ruin my life and close its doors on July 3 for the July 4th holiday. I know! Those bastards totally took an extra day to no doubt frolic childfree while I got a dozen new brow creases dragging a four-year old and a two-year old through downtown San Francisco and the Virgin Megastore that was filled with people rushing around and getting annoyed at finding a child underfoot on their way to grab the Police re-release. Whatever. I'll be back, Citizen Cupcake! And next time, you'd better let me buy a $3.50 cupcake! Or else. Please.

Even though I was angry and sad about my ruined cupcake adventure, I knew the kids and I had time to race back to the Sony Metreon to catch a showing of Ratatouille. We were fifteen minutes late for the movie but still in time to catch the Pixar short about aliens before the feature started. Good timing! It was a proud and happy moment and I was able to forget that there was no expensive cupcake in my tummy.

Ratatouille did not disappoint. As I told a group of friends today, Pixar not only makes good animated movies, they make good movies. Period. My friends agreed, and not just because they were dazzled by The Dazzler. Then the two other people who had seen Ratatouille and I all agreed on the best scene. I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't seen it, but it involves a character by the name of Anton Ego. I believe it was the movie's denouement, and it brought tears to my eyes. It touched me like the scenes I wrote about in this post. *sniff sniff* Oh, and the movie also featured a woman with a motorcycle, and I get all goose pimply when I see chicks on bikes, even when they're animated.

I'm not sure if the kids enjoyed the movie as much as I did. Towards the end they got all antsy, and I could have throttled Thomas when he needed to pee halfway through. Sometimes the slacker mommy in me misses diapers.

I don't know what the agenda for tomorrow will hold for us but I do know that this weekend we're going camping. I bought the kids their first real sleeping bags earlier this week. (Oh hey, remind me sometime to rant about how I hate REI.) We're going with a bunch of other families so it should be a crazy, s'mores- and tears-filled weekend. I am not making The Dazzler for this shindig, but I am on the list to bring a tossed green salad. A lot less work but no doubt just as dazzling.