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Friday, August 19, 2005


Thoughts at the end of two days in Texas

Last week the kids and I flew to Texas to visit my mother-in-law. This is an entry I wrote (on paper even!) while we were there.

I finally got the kids down to sleep. It's 10:30 Texas time, 8:30 California time. It's hard to say in which time zone the kids are living. Perhaps they're living on Tutu time, in the Tutu time zone. Tutu is what Emily calls my mother-in-law. It's also what she calls my sister-in-law although with a slight variation--Tutu-ah. The Tutu time zone is the time zone of no rules, of anything goes, Unlike our house, Tutu's house contains markers, pens, small breakable objects at eye level, lots and lots of things for small hands to touch, and a number of sharp stick-like objects with which to poke out an eye. Also lots of snacks. If you are like Thomas, you may like to eat your marker as a snack.

The trip from California to Texas yesterday went as smoothly as possible. Thomas nursed and slept for most of the flight. Emily had her moments but none I couldn't handle. I'm proud of them and proud of myself, too. We moved through security at the San Jose airport with no problem thanks to the help of a nice security worker. I held T while she collapsed the double stroller. Emily stayed close and didn't run away, and for this I am thankful. When we arrived in Austin a pilot with a Texas accent held T while I put together the stroller. He can fly a plane but set up a stroller he cannot do. This does not surprise me.

Getting the rental car was no problem at all. I was pleased with Avis' service, but not too happy with the car. The tires need air and a light keeps coming on to remind me to take care of them. Lame. I'll have to figure that out tomorrow. [Note: The car got a flat tire the next day and we spentclose to two hours in the Texas heat before Avis delivered a new car and transferred the car seats from the old one to the new one. It was the only glitch in our trip, and we're lucky it happened when it did instead of on our way back to the airport.]

Once we had the car, the kids and I made our way to Jennie's hotel in Lakeway, picked her up, and made good time out of Austin. We arrived in San Antonio around 5:00 Texas time, ending our journey that had begun at 4:00 AM California time. I was so happy and relieved that we had arrived without mishap that I drank too much white wine and had to get up in the middle of the night to guzzle a can of diet Sprite. Oh, the joys of vacation-style drinking.