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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Meme: Eight Random Facts and Eight Unwary Targets

Nordette Adams of Confessions of a Jersey Goddess tagged me for a meme. Whee! Here are eight random facts about me. I had to think long and hard to come up with these facts because--really--is there anything about me you don't already know? Here goes...

  • My BMI is 21.9.
  • Every day around 10:30 AM I eat a Caramel Nut Blast Balance Gold Bar. This is the best candy bar disguised as a protein bar that I've ever had. The fact is that I have been known to spend $1.69 of my husband's hard-earned money on one of these bars, although I usually can find them on sale for around $1.00.
  • Every night around 10:00 I eat ten Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil Triscuits topped with one one-ounce pepper jack cheese stick cut into rounds. Yum. The fact is that I like these crackers because the kids don't.
  • I will be blogging tomorrow about a new book called From the Hips: A comprehensive, open-minded, uncensored, totally honest guide to pregnancy, birth and becoming a parent. The fact is that I have not yet read the book.
  • Next year the hubby, the kids, and I are going on a month-long trip to New Zealand and Australia. I think I've hinted at this, but I'm not sure if I've revealed any details. The fact is that I don't have any details to reveal at this time, but our plan is to spend three weeks touring the New Zealand countryside in an RV, then to fly to Sydney for a week on the beach.
  • I have a crappy memory for names and for faces, too. The fact is that I could look at your picture every day from now until BlogHer, and I still may not recognize you when I meet you in person.
  • The fact is that I am going to BlogHer 2007 in Chicago. You should, too! The mommybloggers are giving away a ticket!
  • This is the week I do the newsletter for my Mothers Club. The fact is that I am procrastinating by doing this meme. I'm good at procrastinating.

And my eight unwary targets are:

Ann of Ann's Attitude
Dana of The Dana Files
Mommy Coder of Thoughts from a Coding Mommy
JenB of jenandtonic
Daisy of Compost Happens
Gift of Green of Gift of Green
Mamacheryl of Red Pens & Diapers
Kari of Kari's Couch

Whew! Now I'm off to work on that newsletter!