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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Speaking of work

OK, so it's not exactly a full-time gig. Or even a part-time gig. Or even a paying gig. And the details haven't been completely finalized yet, but... I got a job! So to speak.

Are those details vague enough for you?

Basically, a friend of mine talked me into writing a piece for my local Moms Club newsletter. Apparently she thinks I'm funny so I sent her something I wrote to see if it would work for a column.

And she rejected it.

Then I had to admit to myself that the piece I had sent her was just a tad dark and maybe a smidgen depressing. All of which is fine, but not exactly what she was looking for. She doesn't want pieces that are depressing, questionably funny, and sound as if I hate my kids. Too bad, because I've got a lot of those kind of pieces. No, she wants stories that are lighthearted, funny, and sound as though I actually love my kids. Imagine that.

So I wrote something else (I'll post it after it's in print) and it was sweet, humorous, and a tad sentimental, and she thought it was swell. Whew! Good thing I meant every word I wrote because unless I’m done with this particular mommy writing gig, I'm going to have to come up with at least a couple more stories with the same qualities as that one. It's the best kind of work, the kind that's fun!