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Sunday, March 05, 2006


Married mom of two declares family vacation "not relaxing"

"How 'bout them Oscars?" responds Mary Tsao, suburban housewife and mother of two, when asked about her most recent out of town adventure. "No, seriously, didn't you just love the part when that one lady thanked her kids? And the part when Reese said she was just a woman trying to make a difference? Those were my favorite parts. Oh, and I was so happy that Wallace & Gromit and March of the Penguins won! When they put those little bowties on the statues...wasn't that cute?"

Pressed to give details about the nine hour car ride her family took to Northern California vacation hotspot Lake Tahoe, Mrs. Tsao shudders and makes small noises, motioning with her hands how she had to scrape the ice off the window so that her husband could see after they found themselves driving in a blizzard. "And when we got to Highway 89, he had to drive with his head stuck out the window. That was frightening!"

Asked if she found the weekend relaxing, Mrs. Tsao gives a little laugh. "Relaxing? A vacation that involves two kids in diapers who both still drink only from sippy cups?" Mrs. Tsao's little laugh turns into a giggle and then into a shrill cackle, which she seems unable to stop.

Mrs. Tsao finally stops her hysterical laughter long enough to tell us that she has to go get started on the first of ten post-vacation loads of laundry (Having fun is a dirty business), but she directs us to the photos she put up on Flickr.

When asked if she will ever go on a family vacation again, Mrs. Tsao gets a funny look on her face. "Of course! We had a great time, silly. I mean, the vacation was not relaxing in the least, but I don't think family vacations are supposed to be relaxing, do you?"