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Monday, April 03, 2006


Tacsiyapo! Smash!

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My Gmail account is smart enough to know when I'm in a pissy mood and pointed me to this article about a restaurant in the Philippines that lets you throw plates, vases, and old television sets at a wall. While you hurl the item, you shout, "Tacsiyapo!" which translates to "Shame on you!"

At the Isdaan restaurant in Gerona, about three hours north of Manila, Vescara and other patrons work out their stress for 15 pesos (30 U.S. cents) a go by hurling plates at the "wall of fury" emblazoned with words such as ex-wife, boss and lover.

A shout of "tacsiyapo" -- or "shame on you" in the local dialect -- usually accompanies the sound of smashing crockery.

Vases and bowls are also available, while the wealthier of the furious patrons can toss an old TV set for 1,300 pesos.

The article had a photo, but I found this one on Flickr that does a better job of illustrating the wall upon which you unleash your fury. Nice. Excuse me while I go call my local contractor. Forget a kitchen remodel, I need one of these walls.

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