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Saturday, March 25, 2006


House of poker and paper

Grammie Martha is in the house!

Emily and I left WoolfCamplet early and went to pick up my mom (Grammie Martha) from the airport. She's staying with us all this week. Tomorrow the kids, Grammie Martha, and I are going down to Monterey for the night, leaving Mike so that he can get some alone time. Tomorrow we'll hang out in downtown Monterey and Monday we'll go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium before returning home.

I just told my mother for the third time that the reason my paper towels aren't perforated in the middle like hers is because they don't sell that kind at my Costco. Mike just came in here and told me that he did his first "four tabling" online poker game (playing four games at once) tonight and he won all four. His proclamation confirms my status as an online poker widow. One who is felling entire forests with her excessive use of large paper towels.

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