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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Friday Famous

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The lovely and talented Susan Wagner of Friday Playdate, BlogHer, and now Friday Style thinks I've got style! Hot damn!

She wrote about me over at Friday Style, and when she asked me to provide two sentences about why in the world I post a picture of myself every day, I got all excited and wrote five paragraphs. Talk about me? No problem and thanks for asking!

In a twist that surely must be unique to the blogging world, I now will quote myself on my blog from another blog:

I have learned a lot while doing this project. I love clothes, and I'm no longer embarrassed to admit it. The project has been a great reason for me to put a little bit more care into what I wear, which in turn has helped me feel better about myself on a daily basis. Also, I now very much believe in the "rules" of clothes/wearing clothes that stylists such as Stacy London and Clinton Kelly (of What Not To Wear) dictate. It's not about your body shape; it's about the clothes you wear and how you wear them.

To read more about me from me, go to Friday Style. Heck, go there anyway because--as Susan puts it--"every day should feel like Friday."

Thanks, Susan! Let's go shopping sometime!