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Friday, February 02, 2007


Queen of a week

Wow. Long time, no post. And I'm afraid this is going to be a hurried brain dump of what we've been up to because I have a date to see The Queen this afternoon. BTW, I want to be Helen Mirren when I grow up, don't you?

Last weekend I went on a nice, relaxing weekend all by myself up to Sonoma. It was quiet and peaceful and quite nice. I was very relaxed up until the moment I returned home, when the fact that I am an on-call 24/7 housecleaner hit me smack in the face like a dirty diaper and made me want to turn around and leave for good.

Sometimes all of the cleaning up makes one a tad weary, don't you agree?

Luckily, things got back to normal on Monday and the kids and I had a great time at gym class. Monday afternoon we did various at-home chores and made a big pot of veggie spaghetti sauce. We also made and decorated cupcakes for Emily's half birthday. (Emily's school celebrates a child's half birthday if her actual birthday falls during the summer.)

Mike and I had a huge row on Monday night about chores and respect and other pleasant things. We managed to come to a resolution and then we spent some quality time together watching missed episodes of Battlestar Galactica. If I said that we needed to spend more quality time together, I doubt you'd be surprised. I'm sure most couples feel the same way.

On Tuesday, I send Emily to school in a dress with hearts on it and with two dozen vanilla cupcakes with pink frosting and heart sprinkles. She was so adorable and my heart was bursting with pride and love for my big girl. At school she received a birthday crown and got to pass out the cupcakes to her friends during snack time. She's so cool!

While she was at school, Thomas and I met a friend for coffee. After a pleasant chat that ended when Thomas knocked over a cup of napkins and banana bread crumbs to let it be known that he was done with Starbucks, he and I left to pick up Emily. Later that afternoon the three of us walked to our local park. About a block into our adventure I realized what a mistake it was to think that I would be able to walk at a the pace of a snail without wanting to pull out my own hair. Note to self: Put the kids in the wagon next time!

Rosa came on Wednesday and I spent most of the day catching up on bills, paperwork, and correspondence. Whee. That night the family spent some quality time at our local California Pizza Kitchen and walking around the mall. We lead a very exciting life over here.

Yesterday Thomas and I met up with some friends at a playgroup. After picking Emily up at preschool, we headed up to Serramonte Mall in Daly City to check out this new Japanese housewares store recommended by Jennie. It's called Daiso Japan, and I think this blogger sums it up well when she writes:

15,500 square feet of Japanese!

So what is Daiso Japan? It is row upon row upon row of utilitarian items and tchotchkies with that signature Japanese twist, like cutesy salt and pepper shakers in the shape of huddled bunnies or plaid plastic umbrellas. It is all high quality Made in Japan stuff at bargain basement prices. Mostly everything is $1.50 and nothing is more than $15, says a Daiso spokesperson.

Because we went during the day, the store wasn't too crowded. I'm not sure I'd bring a stroller in there, but they do have carts and even though they're tiny, both the kids fit in one. It's an amazing place. Go if you live around here; you won't be disappointed.

Okay, off to check out my movie. Sayonara!