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Friday, January 19, 2007


What a good day looks like

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Today I had the kind of day that I could have every day and be very happy. It was the perfect mix of mom time, me time, and couple time. I've re-arranged my nanny schedule so hopefully every Friday will be much like this one.

It started out like most other days. Thomas woke us up around 7-ish, Mike went to work, and I made breakfast for myself and the kids. After eating breakfast and checking my email, I cleaned up the kitchen, did some dishes, put the kids in front of Dora the Explorer, and worked out for an hour. Then I put away some laundry, made the bed, took a shower, and got dressed.

Wait, this will get better.

Around 11, the kids and I drove over to our local rec center for a music class taught by the fabulous Gwendomama. I'm far too lazy to look up the post, but when we took this music class last May, it took Emily several weeks before she truly enjoyed it. This time around it was heaven! She was looking forward to going to class and she participated with at least a smirk on her face the whole time. Thomas dug it tremendously and sang along to all of the songs. The whole experience was really great and I'm glad I signed us up again.

Because... it really helped ease my guilt over leaving the kids with Rosa the rest of the day. Gee, not to mention the lunch of Chicken McNuggets I fed them. In the car, no less, while we were waiting for Rosa's train to arrive. Maybe next Friday I'll make organic peanut butter and low-sugar jelly sandwiches on 25-grain bread for lunch along with baggies of carrots. Heh. Ya, right.

While Rosa took the kids to the park, I drank iced tea and wandered around the shopping mall. For the record, I have had several good online shopping experiences lately. They were good because when the items I bought didn't fit, I had no trouble returning them to my local Payless Shoe Source and Old Navy store. I've never really been much of a "returner" before; I tend not to buy things that I need to return or else I decide it isn't worth it to find the receipt or whatever. Or maybe I'm just lazy. But for some reason, I find it easy to return things that I've bought online. Maybe it's because it still adds up to only one trip to the store?

After an afternoon of people watching and learning things about myself--like no matter how great my legs look, I am too old to wear mini skirts; please don't argue with me--I met Mike at home, changed into something more comfortable, and went out to a nice dinner.

See, the shift in Rosa's schedule is to give me and Mike a weekly date night. He even got into it tonight and picked a fancy restaurant for us to go to, Viognier in San Mateo. And he wore a nice sweater, too. If we weren't already married, I would have wondered if he was going to propose.

But because we already are married, we had dinner at the insanely early time of 5:30 so we were back home by 7:00 to drive Rosa home and call it a day.

And that is what a good day looks like to me.

The end.