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Monday, January 08, 2007


Three down, mom to go

I knew something was horribly wrong when I saw the dark stain creeping down the side of his sweats. Then I smelled it. Uh oh, could it be...? Yep, Thomas had the runs. And they were running fast and loose. It was one of those diaper changes that I almost didn't know how to tackle; should I try and save the clothes or just throw them away?

Maybe it was a fluke, I told myself. Maybe he wasn't falling down with the bug that bit Emily and caused her to lie in misery on the couch all day next to a plastic tub.

But when I asked him if he wanted dinner and he said, "No," beads of sweat appeared on my brow. Wondering if he misunderstood me, I asked him if he wanted pasta. "No, thanks." Tortilla? "No, thanks." Banana? "No, thanks."

This boy has never once declined food or not been hungry. We just dosed him with children's Motrin and put him to bed. Emily has a temperature of 102.1 and has consumed only Pedialyte today. We're doomed.


Mike is feeling a tad under the weather, too, so he has offered to stay home tomorrow and help with the soothings and clean-ups. I emailed Emily's teacher and told her she'd be home sick. Meanwhile, I'm frantically pounding vitamins and reminding myself how great I feel.

And I do feel good, especially since I got a package in the mail from Beki of Artsy Craftsy Babe. Check out this beautiful purse:

Artsy-Craftsy Handbag

I have it propped up on a chair in my bedroom and the kids are not allowed to touch it. No touch! I'm already picturing the perfect spring outfit to befit such a pretty bag. Thank you, Beki!