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Friday, January 12, 2007


Martin Luther King Day in The City

Freedom Train poster
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I'm so excited! By a stroke of luck, I discovered this really cool thing that my community is doing to celebrate Martin Luther King Day this upcoming Monday. Mike, the kids, and I will take the Freedom Train into San Francisco and then walk to Yerba Buena Gardens for lunch and a stroll around the MLK, Jr. Memorial Waterfall.

Excuse me while I get up on my blog box for a moment to announce how dismayed I am that brick and mortar bookstores (of any flavor, either independent or chain) in my area seem to be completely devoid of picture books about Martin Luther King. I know they exist; I blogged about some today on BlogHer. I think it's a shame that so much prime bookstore real estate is devoted to books about Valentine's Day and none to books about MLK. I didn't see any books in honor of Black History Month (February), either, but I'm hoping they just haven't found the time yet to put them out.

Tomorrow I'll take the kids to the library; I hope I can find some books there. I'm also going to put in an Amazon order. I know the kids are young, but they've got a billion books that go into excruciating detail about the life cycle of various insects so why not a book about the life of an important person? Harumph.

Stepping off my blog box now.

Have a great weekend! Hope you've got something interesting planned for Monday.