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Friday, July 06, 2007


Blog in the family and a whole bunch of gratitude

Jodi's Baby Shower
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Please join me in welcomimg my cousin Megan to the Blogosphere! She's using her blog See Hollywood Run to document her training as she prepares for the 2007 Chicago Marathon. As she writes: I have two legs. I have strong lungs. I have my health to be thankful for and celebrate. Not everyone can run a marathon. By making this commitment, I'm saying that I can, and that with faith I will.

With an attitude like that, there's no doubt she'll accomplish her goal. But that doesn't mean she wouldn't mind some encouragement. Go cheer her on, won't you?

A belated thank you to Gift of Green for awarding me a June Perfect Post Award for my post about sobriety, When the worst that could happen is nothing at all.

Every time I get a nice email, comment, post, or sentence written that is supportive of my blogging, I am reminded that it's okay I blab my secrets all over the Internet. Thank you, Gift of Green, and all of the people who read this blog. Thank you.

A happy, beautiful, and safe summer weekend to you all. Enjoy!