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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


The triumph of the individual

It's a quiet night. The kids are fresh from the bath and we're all enjoying a TIVO'd episode of Max & Ruby.

Our busy June is almost over. Tomorrow is the first day in a long time that doesn't involve something that has to get done. I'm looking forward to it. This past month we've attended a birthday party; gone on a lagoon cruise; got some nice things in the mail; attended a party celebrating the end of Emily's first year of preschool; took a week-long, Internet-free, family road trip to Disneyland and Los Angeles; hosted my aunt, niece, and cousin for what turned out to be Emily's birthday weekend; went to the Pride Festival in San Francisco; rocked our socks off dancing to the Hipwaders at Emily's 4th birthday party; and posted the last photo in my year-long project, What I Wear: Suburban Housewife Edition.

Oh, and yesterday I celebrated my six month anniversary of being a sober person. Go, me!

I am feeling the stress of an overload of interpersonal interactions. Every day I see teachers, friends, random people at Target and the grocery store, family members, therapists. I am rarely alone. The outpatient rehabilitation program that I am in requires that I attend three sessions/week. That's a lot of interacting with people. It can sometimes seem like too much, especially coming in addition to my regularly scheduled programming.

Mike is in charge of the kids on Sunday and I am planning a day of relaxation and self-pampering. Maybe I'll book a massage or perhaps I'll just get in my fancy car and see where the road takes me. The thought of having a day unplanned and alone is making me very happy.