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Monday, December 10, 2007


On pirates and horses

Emily and Santa
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I'm alive!

I'm alive, but busy, busy, busy. What else is new? December is definitely my crazy-making month. Thomas's birthday was a three-day event filled with lots of pirate booty. It started with his actual birthday, which was a family-centric day. The next day he celebrated at preschool with cupcakes. The third day-o-birthday was the day we had his friends over for a pirate-themed party.

The pirate party was a lot of fun, and apparently all the kids were talking about it at school today. Isn't that cute? At the party one kid refused to leave and his mom had to leave him here; his dad finally picked him up an hour and a half after the party ended. I was flattered, but also tired. It had been a long three days and I still needed to get gussied up for the Google holiday party.

Remember that outfit I wore to last year's party? Hopefully not, because I wore that outfit again, from the dress to the make-up. I did get a new jacket and shoes, but the rest was all last year. Wearing the outfit twice suddenly made the cost seem much more reasonable. Plus it was easy, and this year I'm all about the easy. My parents were in town for Thomas's birthday, and my mom was kind enough to watch the kids overnight so Mike and I could have a whole night out and off. I was happy to sleep in a hotel room that had blackout curtains and a breakfast buffet.

My parents returned to Illinois on Sunday, and the Tsao family went on its second flight together with Mike as our pilot. This time we went from Hayward to Watsonville, where we had lunch at Zuniga's, a Mexican restaurant at the airport. After returning from our flight, we went to Fry's Electronics. Because that is what geeky families do for fun.

Today was a typical Monday for me, but tonight Emily met her new best friend, Santa! She decided that this year she wanted to give that guy a big 'ol hug, which she did. Right before asking him for a horse for Christmas. Interesting. I wonder if she'll settle for a book about horses or perhaps a small, stuffed horse.

Well, that's the exciting stuff that's been happening around these parts. Can you believe it's only two weeks until Christmas? Eek!