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Thursday, October 06, 2005


Backyard party: status report 10/6/05

We filled out loads of paperwork and obtained a permit to remove three Monterey Pines; some big guys came and cut down the trees; and a lone stump grinder ground the stumps into chips.

What's next?

This Monday a fantastic landscaper and his hard-working crew will start work on turning our sorry backyard into A THING OF BEAUTY. It also will be a place suitable for kids and adults alike to frolic, dance, drink, and be happy.

This is what he will do:

  • Clean up side yard. Kill bamboo growing up through rocks. Possibly remove all rocks and just make this area grass.
  • Remove existing sorry excuse for a patio and build patio out of pavers accessible from living room and play room.
  • Remove existing ugly red bricks and build sidewalk out of pavers to extend from patio to side yard.
  • Remove concrete pad in corner of yard.
  • Create 3-foot deep planting bed around perimeter of yard.
  • Remove any/all existing lawn, roto-till to remove leftover roots, make smooth and level.
  • Install sprinkler system with improved drainage to pipe that goes to street.
  • Lay sod.
  • Plant 3 trees to satisfy permit requirement.
  • Prune existing apple tree and make sure sprinklers are on it so that next year we can have yummy--instead of wormy--apples.

    And all of this work will be completed in (get this) less than two weeks! Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait.

    Don't ask me how much this is costing.