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Monday, May 29, 2006


All I really need to know I learned from cleaning my closet

  • Break a big job down into smaller jobs.
  • You don't need an engineering degree to put together a shelving unit from Target.
  • You need a Phillips head screwdriver to put together a shelving unit from Target.
  • Shelving units from Target are awesome.
  • Clothes from Target are less awesome after you bring them home.
  • Don't buy clothes on impulse from Target.
  • Don't buy clothes without trying them on.
  • Don't buy clothes that need alterations unless you actually have a seamstress or the time and talent to do it yourself.
  • There's no such thing as a free T-shirt.
  • Stick to the colors that look good on you, not the colors that look good on the model in the magazine.
  • Only wear clothes that make you look and feel fabulous, whatever "fabulous" means to you.
  • Be honest with yourself about who you are.
  • Be honest with yourself about your lifestyle.
  • Don't buy something just because it's on sale or marked down so low the store is practically giving it away.
  • An inexpensive article of clothing is no longer inexpensive if you consider the time and energy it takes you to buy it, bring it home, put it on a hanger, try it on, decide it looks like crap on you, bag it up, and give it away.
  • Saving clothes that are too big for you "just in case" is a waste of space.
  • Saving clothes that are too small for you because you certainly are going to fit into them some day is a waste of space.
  • Anything you haven't worn in a year (or more), you will never wear again.
  • Styles change.
  • Giving things away feels good.
  • Once you've given something away, you will never think about it again.
  • Other people will actually wear those clothes you never wear.
  • Nobody needs more black sweatpants than there are days in the week.
  • If you can't reach things on a shelf, buy a footstool.
  • If cleaning your closet gives you a headache, take two aspirin and try again in the morning.
  • Nothing feels better than opening the door to your closet and being able to see your clothes.

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