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Thursday, May 18, 2006


Scooba my world

Hurrah! The newsletter is at the printer, and my BlogHer post is written. (Elizabeth, I wrote about you!) And I just filled my wine glass. Life is good.

Now I am ready to share with you the most remarkable invention ever: the Scooba Floor Washing Robot. [Note: I was not paid to write this endorsement. However, if you are from the iRobot corporation, I am almost out of the small bottle of Clorox floor washing soap that came with my purchase of the Scooba Floor Washing Robot. If you would like to send me some more, let's talk. Thank you.]

I'm tired and I have a burning desire to go watch TV, so this post mostly will be in pictures. I'm sure you don't mind.

First, there was the box:

Scooba, the floor washing robot

And then there was the Quick Start Guide! Be still my beating heart! (Yes, I am a former technical writer. Shush.)

A Quick Start Guide!

Behold the glory of that which is the Easy Bake Oven for those of us in the housewife set:

It's like Christmas in May

Here I am Reading The F-in Manual (RTFM):

RTFM means Read The F-in Manual

Now I am preparing to pour the Clorox soap (you have to use this special soap or it doesn't clean right.) that the Scooba will use to turn my floors from dull to diamond-like:

Pouring the soap. Careful!

At this point my husband got bored of taking pictures. Some other stuff happened, but I am going to skip straight to the good part: the Scooba in action!

The Scooba in action

What's that? You can't tell it's "in action?" Well, check out this video:

(Although I have to say that this guy's video is a lot better than mine, and he documents his preschooler's reaction to the Scooba, too.)

The proof is in the pudding that's no longer on the floor:

Waking up to a clean floor

And in the end there was a happy housewife who loves robots:

I love Robots

The End.

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