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Saturday, May 13, 2006


Will you be having kids with that, mom?

As countdown to Mother's Day continues, bloggers everywhere are contemplating what would happen if mommy was president, what Mother's Day means to them, and how they feel about their own moms.

Two posts that resonated with me were ones written by Jenn Satterwhite from Mommy Needs Coffee and Rebecca Eckler from Nine Pound Dictator.

On the one hand, Jenn writes about her memories of Mother's Day and the traditions she's created with her own children. Figured prominently is the annual ritual of breakfast in bed:

"Now, it is my daughter who rushes into my room full of giggles and hugs. It is Gabriella who fights to get the primo spot directly beside me. Eager for our very own post breakfast snuggle nap. As I wrap my arms around her and she lays her head on my chest, I always smile. Remembering when it was me in her spot and my Mom’s arms around me. The tradition had passed down to the two of us."

On the other hand, Rebecca Eckler, author of Knocked Up : Confessions of a Hip Mother-to-be questions if breakfast in bed is what moms really want:

"Mother's Day is tricky. As mother's, we all want to be not only celebrated on this one day a year, but spoiled silly. And, then, in an effort to be spoiled silly, our husbands will make "breakfast in bed" for us with the kids. And we all know how this story ends...with mommies cleaning up the kitchen...and the trail of pancake mix...and the spilled orange juice on the steps up to the bedroom."

Rebecca asks the question, "Do you think Mother's Day for you would be a happier occassion with or without your child?" For Jenn, Mother's Day is all about spending time with her children, but what about for you? What are your plans and do they include your kids? For you, is Mother's Day a chance to spend quality time with your kids or a chance to spend time alone, recharging your batteries at a day spa?

For the record, I want a day that I don't have to plan, and I don't know what Mike's planning for tomorrow. When I asked, he answered, "None of your business." I took that as a good sign.

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