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Thursday, May 04, 2006


Portrait of a travelling mommy in Manhattan

Portrait of a travelling mommy
Originally uploaded by marytsao.

  • Sensible shoes (Merrill's)
  • Comfortable pants made of wonder material (doesn't wrinkle, cupcake icing sponges off easily)
  • Plastic bag containing soiled (pee-soaked) outfit size 18 months
  • Diaper bag with two juice bottle pockets
  • Jean jacket circa 1996 wrapped around waist (helps to hide "cupcake thighs")
  • Camera (constant taking of photos helps to keep mommy's mind off the fact that she'd rather be doing anything besides hanging in Dora's house with a bunch of little brats wee ones)
  • Mommy hair-do created by running fingers through hair while pushing a stroller with one hand
  • Mommy brain tired yet wondering how many blocks one has to walk in order to justify going to yet another cupcake place

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