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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Where David Blaine parks his bubble

David Blaine
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Second or possibly fourth celebrity sighting: David Blaine

This one kind of doesn't count because he was was being held captive in a giant plastic bubble when I saw him, but hey, I'll take what I can get, ya know?

So here's the deal. Today the kids and I walked all the way from West 18th Steet to West 83rd Street to visit the Children's Museum of Manhattan. (Pause for a moment to imagine how long it took a mom and two toddlers in a stroller to walk sixty five blocks. If you imagined three hours, you're right.) I knew this David Blaine character was in a bubble in the courtyard of Lincoln Center, but I didn't know exactly where that was or how to get there and blah blah blah. Anyway! As I strode up Broadway, I looked to my left and saw a crowd of people, a bunch of TV trucks, and... a giant plastic bubble! Twas fate, I tell ya.

Unfortunately, that was the most exciting part of the story. Yes, we saw David Blaine floating around in a giant bubble. Today was the third day he was in there; I think he's planning on staying in there a week. I read somewhere that he hadn't eaten for days before getting in there so he's not expecting to do any #2s. He's got a catheter hooked up for the #1s. He's wearing a giant oxygen helmet. And that's pretty much it. I'm not sure what his point is, but publicity must be part of it. This blogger summed it up well:
"There were quite a few people standing around trying to get a glimpse and quite a few news crews trying to get an interview with the people trying to get a glimpse. There was a pretty long line you could wait in to walk up the little ramp to get a closer look. The only problem with that was that the entire time I was there he was doing some sort of interview on the other side of the bubble so really you were just getting a closer look at his back. The problem is you get there and you realize...oh, it's a guy floating in water. Tada?"

After witnessing magician unextraordinaire David Blaine, we ambled over to the Children's Museum, which also was a tad dissapointing. The Discovery Museum in San Jose is better, and that's my not-so-humble West Coast opinion. But CMOM did have a room filled with Dora-themed play structures that the kids loved. Pictures will be up on Flickr tomorrow.

Tomorrow it's all about art at the Rubin Museum and pizza at John's of Bleeker Street, Andi Buchanan's favorite pizza place. Hey, and since Andi did IM (that's Instant Message for those of you over the age 80) me yesterday, you could say that I've actually had three brushes with celebrities in the past four days. Oh, and plus I had lunch with author Jennifer Margulis at the ASJA convention so that's four brushes with celebrities in the past five days.

And, yes, I'm counting!

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