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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


An x-ray of a girl

April 26, 1988
Chico, California

Sitting in Siena and drinking coffee, waiting for the time when I have to go to rehearsals. I blew my theatre test in a big way today. That really sucked but I deserved it because I didn't study for it. I think I was expecting a miracle but--alas--it didn't happen. Finished "Hell's Angels" and am starting on "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance." They must tie in some way. This might seem lame, but I think I'm really beginning to like P. While I'm doing spot(light) tonight I'm going to try and figure out why. Then afterwards I'm going to write it down and try to decipher it. Slow Down is what I keep telling myself. Don't rush into things. Take one day at a time.

I think this photo was taken the same day I wrote this. In my lap I am holding the notebook I wrote this in and my Intro to Theatre study notes. I was on my way out of class and heading over to Cafe Siena when my friend (the woman on the right) stopped me and my other friend (the man on the left) to take this picture. I don't remember her name. She may have had a tiny crush on me. The guy on the left was really a friend of a friend, a musician. Don't remember his name either. I'm amazed I remember my own name. I should have named this post a freeze frame of friends and failure and forgotten names.

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