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Friday, April 21, 2006


Love. Shoes. Music. Baby?

What a morning. I've started taking Emily and Thomas to a wonderful music class taught by WoolfCamp cupcake maker extraordanaire Gwendomama.

If refusing to enter the rec center, crying almost the entire class while moaning, "mama! mama!" and refusing to participate are any indication, Emily hates it.

We will continue to go.

Remember those shoes I bought that were the wrong size? I think they fit me! Well, one pair does. The other pair is kind of odd and when I wear them I drag my feet (to avoid the shoes falling off) and shuffle around like a teenager at the mall, which, in my case, is neither cool nor hip. Here I am modelling both the shoes that fit as well as my newly painted toes, thereby completing my "look" of a pampered suburban housewife.

Link love time

Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells are bringing BrainJams to New Orleans and taking the divine Ms. Grace with them. Can't wait to see what emerges from their conversations.

Berkeley Cybersalon is hosting a panel on Asperger's: The Geek Syndrome this Sunday evening. I met Cybersalon coordinator Sylvia Paull this past week and she's a no-nonsense powerhouse. I'm planning on attending this event. Let me know if you want to join me.

I also met Salon writer Katharine Mieszkowski this week and she recommended Salon's new anthology Maybe Baby. According to Salon, the book is based on a popular series they ran in 2003 and contains "28 personal essays by parents and nonparents exploring how and why they decided whether to have children." Daddy Types likes it because it features writing by dads, too.

Tomorrow we're barbequing and going to the Maker Faire. Have a beautiful weekend, Internet homies!

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