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Friday, April 14, 2006


What's in your mom bag?

A purse or handbag is often fashionably-designed, and is used to hold a number of items such as a wallet, keys, tissues, makeup, a hairbrush, pepper spray and/or a gun. -Wikipedia

Recently I've taken one small step towards reclaiming my non-mom self.

I've started carrying a gun purse.

And I don't mean a fashionable diaper bag that somebody might actually mistake for a purse. No, I mean a purse. A little bag that is fashionably-designed and that holds my wallet and my M*A*C lipstick.

I present to you my purse. Cute, huh? Not too big, not too tiny. Just right. You like it? Thanks! I designed it myself.

If you are a suburban housewife like I am, then you have been to all kinds of parties: Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Discovery Toys, Pleasure Parties... The list goes on and on. Recently, I was invited to yet another party, but this one was put on by 1154 Lill Studio, a handbag company out of Chicago that also does in-home parties.

At the party, I picked out which purse design worked best for me, then I chose the fabrics. They took my order and my money (it wasn't cheap -- around $100), and I received my custom-made purse less than four weeks later.

I was slightly concerned about the cost since I could get four purses for that price if I went to TJ Maxx or ten purses for that price if I went to a thrift store or heck, twenty five purses for that price if I went to estate sales, but I was stoked that I didn't have to buy $100 worth of plastic kitchen goods or make-up that I neither wanted nor needed.

Also, on my Mom's Weekend Away last month, one of the moms complimented me on my purse and said she thought it was a Kate Spade. Kate Spade, people! It was nice of her to say that. And worth $100 for me to hear it.

What's my point?

Today I realized that my purse had become heavier than Thomas and I decided it was time for a Super Fling Boogie. Krisco told us what was in her purse a couple of weeks ago, so I thought I would do the same.

The contents of my purse:

  • Subscription card for Ladybug magazine (Recommended by Squid.)
  • Email address of website designer (From Jennie L.)
  • Advil left over from Vegas
  • DKNY sunglasses bought at TJ Maxx
  • Packet of Y and Rec center membership cards (Moms carry cards for the entire family)
  • Spare barrett
  • M*A*C lipstick (shade AA4 - Capricious)
  • Moleskine notebook
  • 3 Uniball micro pens (The favored pen of both me and Josh Kornbluth)
  • Copyman invoice that I need to mail to Moms Club treasurer
  • Lucky money envelope with spending cash
  • Black leather wallet
  • Huggies travel wipes
  • House key and old car key
  • Non-key key for Prius
  • Cel phone
  • Gum: Trident Splash, Peppermint Vanilla flavor
  • Empty bag of Flavor Blasted Goldfish, Xplosive Pizza flavor
  • 2 dimes and 7 pennies
  • 4 pieces of miscellaneous, unidentifiable garbage
  • Receipts from: Kid's Korner II, Little Cousins Children's Resale Shop, Trader Joe's, Ethel M Chocolates, Whole Foods, Monte Carlo Resort and Casino, City of San Mateo Park and Rec Dept.

There you have it. Unfortunately, most of the above stuff went straight back in the purse with the exception of the garbage, the receipts, and the Huggies wipes. This is my PURSE, dang it! Not my dang diaper bag!

Tune in later to read the post where I deeply regret removing the wipes.

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