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Friday, April 07, 2006


Internet bad, kids good

Today was the day I was going to become one of those good mothers and take my kids to a kid-centric music class. Alas, the teacher was sick and class was cancelled. Plan B was going to see Curious George. Mother of the Year, here I come.

Last night I googled local listings for the movie and was happy to see that it was playing in Daly City at 11:25, which is a good time for the kids. I figured for lunch we'd eat popcorns (Emily's word for popcorn) and hot dogs during the movie. If taking my two toddlers to a movie doesn't win me Mother of the Year, encouraging them to eat popcorn and nitrates for lunch surely will.

All was going according to plan until we got to the movie theatre.

"We're not showing Curious George anymore," the girl behind the window told me.
"But, but, I read it on THE INTERNET!" was my lame reply.

I stood there with Emily and Thomas and wondered if Phat Girlz was an appropriate movie for them to see. I decided it was not, and looked around for Plan C.

Plan C was called Fuddruckers.

Since it was only 11:15 the place was empty and the kids and I didn't have to fight crowds of hungry office workers. I got one of the "don't feel sorry for me because I ordered a salad" 1000 calorie salads and the kids each had a hot dog.

Timing or kharma or the alignment of the planets or something must have been right because the kids sat quietly during lunch, Thomas in a high chair and Emily in a booster seat. It was nice. I was enjoying myself when I heard a woman remark, "How well behaved!"

I turned around in my seat trying to see these well behaved people. What do well behaved people look like, anyway? And then it hit me: she was talking about my kids. MY kids!

Excuse me while I gloat and preen even though the whole incident was a fluke.

"Thank you!" I grinned. "Tell the lady thank you, Emily!" Emily scowled at her.

The rest of the day went off without a hitch. We came home after lunch and watched Wallace & Gromit and played make believe and drank juice and colored and ate some cake and cried a little bit. The kids, not me. Me, I was a little high all day from the nice compliment the lady at Fuddruckers had given us. You know, you so often hear about the bad things kids do; it's nice when a person takes the time to point out the good things. Thank you, office lady!

She must have been a mom, too.

And for evidence that Emily does more than scowl and demand raisins, take a minute and check out Em's take on Emily when she met her at WoolfCamplet. It's cute.

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