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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


The show must go on

Change of plans. My childfree day filled with coffee, gossip, hairdresser therapy, more gossip, and uninterrupted writing is, alas, no more.

The nanny has called in sick.

But I will not cry! I will not give in to this sinking feeling of despair! Change is good! I will survive!

A quick call to the hairdresser cancelled my appointment. Another call to the YMCA scheduled childcare for 11:00 - 12:30. I will still go to coffee with my friend at 10:00. She doesn't know I'm bringing the munchkins and I'm too scared to call her and tell her because I don't want her to suggest we not meet and I REALLY NEED whatever snatches of conversation with her I'll be able to grab when I'm not coralling the kids and making sure they don't annoy other patrons and ignoring annoyed looks from the grumpy seniors trying to do their word puzzles.

And if all goes according to plan, I'll leave the YMCA at 12:30 feeling physically and mentally sated and in the company of two tired children who will then take long naps and leave me to get in at least some uninterrupted writing time.

Do you hear me Gods and Goddesses? That's the PLAN!

Again, I do not know how working mothers do this. Yes, I had plans for today, but they didn't include going to work or working from home on paid assignments. Therefore, I can reschedule and make do and figure things out, and--besides losing just a little bit more of my sanity--all is still right in my world.

But what if Mike had gone to work and I was dressed in my pretty clothes and awaiting the nanny in order to drive to my high powered senior tech writing position and then I got the call? I suppose I would have previously arranged back-up childcare for just such an emergency, but leaving the kids at home with a nanny they know and love is much less guilt-inducing than leaving them at an emergency drop off day care center with the name "Under the Weather."

Days like today remind me why I quit my job.

If you're a working mom, what do you do when the daycare provider calls in sick? Do you call in sick, too? Do you work from home that day? Inquiring minds want to know. Because, after all, the show must go on. Right?

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