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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Pimp my BlogHer (posts)

Thank you to everybody who replied to yesterday's query: Do you put blogging on your resume?

Thinking about Ann's questions, there is a good possibility I will find myself in a corporate blogging (blogging for a corporation about its products or strategies, among other things) situation some day, if I choose to return to the world of corporate writing at all. I have spoken with other freelance writers about corporate blogging to determine if they are running into these opportunities, and they are. However, corporate blogging typically requires a fair amount of knowledge about the company and its product(s); they're essentially PR/Marketing writing positions but with an "authentic voice." In other words, they're a lot of work and the pay may not be as lucrative if you were doing, say, technical writing, even though you would need to know quite a bit about the company and product(s) in order to write as a professional for the layman and with spontaneity despite the slowdown that naturally comes with committee decision making.

I particularly like Susan's answer and her practical advice. Because she and I are both writers by profession, we have portfolios that include samples of our writing. She suggests including sample blog posts in my portfolio and noting on my resume that I am a "contributor" to Name of Site. She doesn't refer to blogging in part because not everybody knows what a blog is. The good women of BlogHer must have already thought about this since my title for them is "Contributing Editor." Sounds important, huh?

I would love to give my two cents about Jory's post on BlogHer, but Thomas is a baby on the verge of a nervous breakdown and my computer time is quickly running out. Maybe I'll have the time later to address her post; I hope so! It's very interesting and has prompted me to think long and hard about working, blogging, the idea of paying one's dues in the workplace, and why the worst jobs I've ever had are the ones that have best prepared me for parenthood. If you haven't already read it, go check it out.

I will leave you with some links to what I've contributed lately to the BlogHer site. I write for BlogHer on Tuesdays, Fridays, and either Saturday or Sunday. I hope you enjoy the posts. And if you haven't already added the BlogHer site to your daily reads, please do. The writing is magnificent; I'm honored to be a contributing editor among such great bloggers slash writers.

Happy Hump Day.

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