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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Blogging and resumes

Two out of three ain't bad, right? I met my friend at Starbuck's and we had a nice chat while Emily drank chocolate milk and Thomas ate madeline cookies. That lasted about ten minutes before Emily started whining and Thomas started wandering. The entire outing lasted 45 minutes--about 15 minutes longer than the kids would have liked--but at least it was something.

My friend was nicely dressed and beaming. She started a new job yesterday working part time from 1:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday at a start up company here in town. She's got her oldest daughter (Emily's age) in a full-time preschool program and her baby (turning 1 in May) in a home-based daycare that she really likes; the woman who runs it is older and loving and a true professional. My friend sure did make returning to work look pretty good, I have to admit. The last thing she said to me as I strapped my crying kids into the car was, "email me your resume...!"

The YMCA didn't go quite as well. I knew that might be the case when I saw eyelids drooping on the way from Starbucks to the Y. With Emily crying and saying, "no! no!" from the minute we pulled into the Y parking lot, I should have just turned around and gone home. Instead I tried to bribe her with lollipops, which she gladly accepted but which didn't stop her crying. I tried, but I couldn't leave her in the daycare center. If she hadn't attached herself to my leg so that I couldn't take a step, I may have. It was obvious to me that if I did leave her there, I'd only get five minutes on the treadmill before I'd hear over the loudspeaker: "Mary Tsao, please report to child watch. Mary Tsao."

I gave up and left the Y without working out.

I thought a lot about my beaming friend and her request for my resume.

When we got home I made Emily and Thomas take a nap, and guess what? They both did. Duh. Obviously, they were tired and now I have to remind myself of THE RULE:

The Rule According to Emily and Thomas
Only one outing per morning. Period.

Also, You may attempt another outing in the afternoon, however, that outing has a less than 50% success rate.

So there you have it, folks. Can somebody please remind me of THE RULE the next time I foolishly think I can get away with both a Starbucks outing and a YMCA outing in the same morning? The nerve of some mommies!

On a positive note, both kids are napping, the house is quiet, and I am drinking peppermint tea while writing uninterrupted. Like I said, two out of three ain't bad. Also, I had a great phone conversation with Mike and he reminded me that he loves me and that I'm doing a good job. I needed to hear that.

But the real question is, Do you put blogging on your resume? If so, how? For example:

    2002 - present. Blogger. and
  • Write an average of one to five posts per week including reviews and photoblogging.
  • Initiate and nurture discussions on a variety of pertinent topics afecting women, e.g., mothering in the age of anxiety, raising children, life/work balance.
  • Maintain average daily readership of X.

If you're a blogger, do you include it on your resume? Even if you are not getting paid for it?

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