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Thursday, April 20, 2006


It was 20 years ago today

They found me.

The Acalanes High School Class of 1986 20 Year Reunion Committee found me.

Probably through this damn blog.

Anyway, they reminded me that this year will commemorate 20 years since I graduated from Acalanes High School. And that I am old and decrepit.

This is a picture of me and tripper Dave at our Senior Ball held at the Gift Center in San Francisco. Wow. I'd love to tell you the story of that night, if only I could remember it. I don't even remember his last name. Can you say short term memory loss? Except 20 years now makes it a long term memory loss.

Dear Interweb, what should I do? Should I go to this party where the dress code is listed as from Casual to Dazzle? I only went to this school for one year and I was a complete social outcast who hung out with the other social outcasts: the stoners. In the place where the social outcasts hang: the smoking section. Mike definitely does not want to go to this party and I have not kept up a friendship with anybody I knew from that year.

It seems an obvious decision that I simply throw this invitation away and publicly scorn such ordeals on my blog, and yet I hesitate. Part of me wants to go to this thing and prove that I actually made something of myself (if you can call it that.) From stoner to... suburban housewife!


Wait. Isn't this almost the plot of "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion" minus the scoliosis and with a husband and kids?

I'm feeling sorry for myself right now.

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