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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Further proof that every mom is a supermom

SuperMom Trading Card
Originally uploaded by marytsao.
Supermom Helene from Adventures in Parenthood is asking that all supermoms (that means you) make a supermom trading card like the one shown here, which was made by yours truly. She has a goal of 100 supermom trading cards flaunted all over the Interweb by Mother's Day 2006. And she has only 90 cards to go! I'm going to blog about this tomorrow on BlogHer and highlight all of the moms who have participated so far. If you'd like to be included, go make your trading card now! It's easy. Helene's instructions are here. Be sure and mark your card with the Flickr tag smtradecard so that it will be added to the gallery. To see all of the cards in the gallery, go here.

From the Make Blog: Cardboard box baby stroller.

Via BoingBoing: Women can tell if men like babies by seeing pix of their faces.

Via DotDoms: It's true. Men do less housework than women.

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