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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


A life of shits and giggles

I'm blogging from bed, a highly unusual--but not entirely unpleasant--experience for me.

I'm just so dang tired. I was up early with Thomas, who has been waking up at dawn lately. Yuck. I'd ignore him, except that he's learned to cry, "Mama! Mama! MaaaaMaaaa!" in his cute little plaintive wail, and really, how can a mama resist? So I was up at 6:50 and thus began my day filled with... well, filled with shits and giggles.

I returned some phone calls, took the kids to get their hair cut, went grocery shopping, had a picnic in the car (I thought a picnic on the Bay would be neat, but it turned out to be cold and windy. We enjoyed the blue skies, water, and view of San Francisco from the warm interior of the car.), hung out at a playground, took some pictures, made a fabulous dinner for a friend who just had a baby (Barbequed Tri Tip, Rice, Beans, Salad with avocado and tomato, Tortillas, and Chocolate biscuit cookies), delivered the meal to my friend, found out Mike left work early and bought a new car, drove the kids to the car dealer thinking I was needed to sign some paperwork, ended up being not needed, made a long story short, ate dinner at Burger King, and drove home with two cranky kids whose diapers needed to be changed.

Now you understand why I'm tired. Or do you? Eh, I'm too tired to care.

But let me entertain you with two short videos I took during dinner. The camera shaking is me trying to stifle my giggles. See! Shits and giggles. Life is good.

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