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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


To Emily on the occasion of your first day of preschool

Dear Emily,

Today you entered the hallowed halls of academia with your first day of preschool. Just think -- you have only nineteen more years of school left. Every journey begins with a single step, as they say.

First day of preschool

This semester you will be attending school on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Daddy will drive you like he did today. You seemed excited to go so I didn't sit at home and cry about the loss of my little girl. Actually, I am quite enjoying your transition to big girl. You amaze me every day with your vocabulary, your most-excellent capabilities on the potty, and your generous spirit.

Leaving with daddy

On the other hand, Thomas was bummed that you were gone and wandered room to room listless and bored. I finally put him in front of the television where he sat, sad and alone, with nobody to watch TV with because you were gone. When it was time to go and get you, I told him and he jumped up right away and turned off the TV. At this rate, Thomas may end up living with you forever; he certainly seems lost when you're not around.

Thomas waits for Emily's return

When we picked you up, your lower lip quivered just a bit when you saw me. Your teacher Leanne was surprised; you hadn't cried all morning. I think you were overwhelmed and tired from three hours of playing with new friends and being in a new environment. Leanne said you played mainly with the little wood kitchen and you kept talking about playing with the castle. She explained that the castle was outside and they didn't go outside today but they would next time. Honey, you will get your castle experience. I promise!

Emily, I don't know how much of your current inclination to play with gender stereotypical toys is because of your upbringing. We don't push one toy over another on you, but you see me at home every day doing household chores and you certainly love dollhouses and play kitchens and playing store. Your imagination is budding before my very eyes and I often watch you at play in total amazement at how cool you are. Sometimes you catch me looking at you and then you become shy. That's usually when I give you a hug and a kiss.

After we picked you up, Thomas and I took you to lunch. It was one of those crazy fast lunches that I am used to having when it is just the three of us. I wolfed down a seafood (shrimp and crab) louie salad (my favorite kind of salad) and you and Thomas had pancakes shaped like Mickey mouse and dotted with bananas. You had chocolate milk and Thomas had apple juice.

Drinking chocolate milk

Emily, I am going to make it a tradition that your first day of school is always followed by a meal of pancakes and chocolate milk. At least until you're old enough to prefer seafood louie salads.

I am very proud of you, my big girl.

Love, mommy

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