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Sunday, August 27, 2006


Portrait of a Couple, Relaxed

Portrait of a couple, relaxed
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Last night Mike and I had our nanny come over and we went out for a night on the town. We headed over to Palo Alto to relax and unwind at Watercourse Way. On the way there, we caught the end of the Palo Alto Festival of the Arts and picked up a couple of glasses of champagne (me) and a beer (him).

After both relaxing and unwinding at the hot tub place, we meandered over to The Cheesecake Factory on University for some dinner. We started out with an appetizer of deep fried spicy tuna rolls and more champagne and beer. I honestly don't remember what Mike had for dinner, some kind of chicken enchilada thing? On the other hand, I remember quite vividly my choice of deep friend salmon rolls and fried calamari. It was a night of fried goodness.

During our date we managed to have multiple conversations on a myriad of topics, including the kids and how Emily is starting preschool next week, Thomas's tendency to be either content or upset but nothing in the middle, our nanny and how much longer we think we're going to employ her, Mike's quest to get his pilot's license, money and investment options, and the gigantic party we want to have in October.

Mike's birthday is in October and I asked him if he was interested in having a casino party. He isn't, but he agreed that a big party with stuff to do for kids, lots of food and drink, and dancing is something we should think about. So I'm thinking. Oh, yes, am I thinking.

Having a party in October will provide the impetus I need to finish up the remaining yard work and clean out the side yard. There's so many things I want to do. I've got to get on the phone tomorrow and start calling places. Here's a short list:

* Call for debris box. Hope they've got one big enough for all of our junk.

* Get more quotes for new fence. Bonus points to company that can do the work before October.

* Call local nursery and get help with planning of trees and plantings.

* Call gardener who did last year's work and see if he's available to do the perimeter plantings, the new trees, and sprinkler system. This work should be done after the fence is replaced.

* Call somebody to come trim all bushes and plum tree in front yard. This can be done now.

Whew. I hope I can pull this off! I never did have my big birthday bash (life got too hectic) so the October party will our big party this year. Wish me luck!

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