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Thursday, August 24, 2006


The Love Between a Girl and Her Bear

In honor of Love Thursday, I'm going to remind you about the love of my daughter Emily's life -- her bear Bear. And yes, we call him Bear. The name fits, don't you think?

Emily and Bear - BFF
Emily and Bear. BFF.

I wrote about the love between Emily and Bear last year. Here's a snippet:

"It all started when a well-meaning relative gave six-month-old Emily a bear. I thought it was cute; Emily ignored it. I liked how the bear looked sitting on the nightstand next to her crib so that's where I put him. Fast forward to Emily's first birthday. At this point she was standing and bouncing in her crib and had figured out that if she leaned over far enough, she could grab that big bear by the arm and haul him into bed with her.

That's when they started sleeping together."

I never had a special stuffed animal or blanket when I was little so seeing Emily's attachment to her Blanket (her other lovey) and Bear, otherwise known as blanketandbear, makes me feel good. These items comfort her when she's tired or upset and provide companionship when she's lonely. I couldn't ask for more from a stuffed animal or a piece of cloth.

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