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Friday, August 11, 2006


Bad Mood and Free Association with Keywords

I am in a bad mood. Instead of taking it out on my kids, I will take it out on the people who found this blog with the following keywords.

baby graphics
Awww, how cute. Now get out of here and go see Karen Rani or Miss Zoot or Izzy Mom.

free nachos
There's no such thing as a free nachos. I will not go into detail.

hangover photo
You asked for it:

funny flow chart
I don't know if I would call it funny, but it definitely is a flowchart. And one that I will take with me when I check into the loony bin.

does baby oil work as tanning oil?
It does if you're a tanorexic with a death wish.

tsao my weight loss
Tsao *my* weight loss, beyotch! Since I'm only a Tsao by marriage, I really can't help you. But I can tell you that the ELF diet really words. That would be Eat Less Food.

baby shower lotto
Is this when the winner gets to bring home a baby?

mary tsao
Hey, that's me! There's also a radiologist with that name, but in the World according to Google, bloggers top radiologists.

michelle duggar pregnant
Again?! No wonder why that woman never has time to blog.

Ah, I feel better already.

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