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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Day In The Life: August, 2006

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[Updated to add: Day In The Life is the brain child of Sheryl of Paper Napkin! Check out her site if you want to participate -- the more the merrier.]

Also known as the post that explains what the hell a suburban mother of two does all damn day long. When she's not blogging or getting her nails done, that is.

2:00 AM -- Awaken to the plaintive cries of Thomas in his crib. This is odd; he rarely wakes up during the night now. I try and ignore him but after five minutes of "Momma, Mommaaa!" I go get him and bring him back into the big bed. Emily is already in the big bed. Mike is on the couch. Thomas falls asleep almost immediately. I am wrapped in his big hug and it feels good; I don't mind that he is in bed with me because he is quiet now. I go back to sleep.

7:27 -- We awaken. Thomas first, then me, then Emily. Emily is surprised that Thomas is in the big bed and I think a little miffed. After some cuddling and tickling, we all get up.

8:00 -- Finish up the morning chores: making the bed, watering the front yard, brushing my teeth, making the coffee, helping Emily pee and getting her dressed. Set Emily and Thomas down in front of their cereal and sit down to check my email.

8:05 -- Make it through two emails when Thomas tells me his diaper needs to be changed. I clean up the spilled milk and cheerios and take him into the bedroom for a new diaper and clothes for the day. I have not yet had a sip of my coffee and my granola is getting soggy.

8:15 -- Back to the computer, but now the kids need juice. Pour two orange juices and put on Sesame Street. Ahhhhh, that's the ticket. Am able to read through my emails and a few blogs while eating my granola and drinking my coffee. I feel sane again.

9:30 -- Realize that once again, the Interweb has sucked me in. The kids have now finished watching Sesame Street and are watching Dora, which is almost over. I decide one more show won't hurt so I put on Diego and go in to take a shower.

10:00 -- After determining that turquoise pants and a turquoise shirt is just too much turquoise, I manage to get dressed in an outfit that I won't be embarrassed to show the Internets. I persuade Emily to go potty. Then I put on her shoes and Thomas's shoes, too. Then I get two juice cups ready and make sure the diaper bag has extra underpants and clothes for Emily. On the way out the door, I decide to grab the dry cleaning that's sitting in a pile in the corner of the bedroom.

10:17 -- We're out of the house! Not bad.

10:25 -- First stop is the drycleaners. I leave the car running and the kids in the car since I am parked in front and the lot is empty. I run to the counter, drop the stuff off, and return to the car without the children suffering harm. I feel this day is going to be a success.

10:30 -- I drop off a letter in the drive-up mail box.

10:45 -- The next stop is the bank. Darn, there are no spots in front. I park in the side lot and get the kids out of the car. Thomas is sleeping but wakes up when I take him out. Emily starts walking away from me but luckily the woman in the big SUV sees her and stops. I flash her a smile and a thank you, then scold Emily for not staying by me. I have found the hardest part about having two toddlers is keeping them contained in parking lots.

11:00 -- I deposit two checks in the ATM, but decide to go inside to get some $100 bills for upcoming birthdays. The line is 8 people long and since most of the people are depositing checks, I wonder why they don't do it at the ATM. Annoying. The kids run around and mess up a bunch of flyers. I decide that their behavior isn't bothering anybody. It's a bank, not a library. I finally make it to the front and get my money.

11:15 -- Back in the car, I realize that I forgot to mail a letter. Go to another drive-up mail box and mail it.

11:30 -- Arrive at the kids's haircutting place. Good, nobody else is there and she can cut their hair right away. Thomas goes first while Emily plays with the room full of toys, including a plastic kitchen. Now I understand why she kept saying in the car that she wanted to cook something when I told her we were going to get her hair cut. Her memory is getting better while mine is getting obviously worse.

12:00 -- Done with the hair cuts. Unfortunately, Emily had an accident in the hair salon and I have to change her in the car. I am happy I brought a spare change of clothes. Very happy.

12:05 -- The kids fall asleep in the car so I detour by the house to wash my hands. I leave the car running and the kids in the car. Don't tell!

12:05 -- Back in the car, I decide to go out to lunch but can't decide where. I hit the road and start driving into The City.

12:27 -- I decide in Daly City to skip San Francisco and instead take the kids to lunch and a movie. We park the car and buy tickets for the 1:20 showing of Barnyard. The woman behind the counter implies that I should lie and tell her that Emily is under three and so I do. The kids get in free and my ticket costs $6.75.

12:35 -- Lunch at Fudrucker's for burgers and hot dogs. Emily doesn't eat. Thomas does eat. I eat my entire 1/2 pound cheeseburger and then feel ill. I skip the fries.

1:20 -- Back at the movie theatre. The movie is on the third floor and the escalator going to the second floor is broken. I walk up 50 stairs carrying Thomas. I feel that eating a gigantic cheeseburger is suddenly justified. Before hitting the theatre, we make a pit stop. After a bizarre accident where Emily gets knocked into the toilet by my diaper bag (they just don't make stalls big enough for three people) and then a bizarre incident when Thomas decides to put his arm in the toilet, I finally get to pee. Emily refuses to pee on the big toilet. I make her promise that if she needs to go pee during the movie, she will tell me. I think she agrees, but I am nervous nonetheless.

2:30 -- The movie is horrible, but the kids don't mind and sit quietly until 2:30 when Emily wants popcorn. We go out into the lobby and get a small bag, which she and Thomas devour. I still feel uncomfortably full from lunch. Emily still insists she doesn't have to pee.

3:00 -- Out of the movie and back in the car to go home. The kids fall asleep so I decide to detour to Woodside to find a drive-thru coffee place that has been recommended to me by Squid and my friend Jennie. I find the place -- The Espresso Lane -- and get an iced coffee for me and a chocolate milk for Emily. Thomas is still sleeping. I declare it my new favorite place to get coffee that's within twenty miles of my house.

3:30 -- Back home I suddenly am very tired and wish to curl up with my laptop and my iced coffee, but I decide that the kids have seen more than enough TV and movies for one day so instead we hang out in the playroom until Mike gets home. Emily finally pees and she does it in the potty. Hurrah!

5:00 -- Mike gets home. I realize that I haven't cooked anything for dinner but there's leftover lentils and rice from yesterday. He is unimpressed. My stomach still hurts from lunch. I read some blogs and try and ignore the kids now that he's home. It doesn't work and I am forced to make plates of food and get juice and such.

5:30 -- Get Mike to take my picture, then post it. Am happy that I didn't wear the turquoise pants and that the grease stain from the popcorn doesn't show up much in the picture. After I post the picture, I lose an hour. Not sure where.

6:30 -- Go running except it is very hot out still and I am strangely extremely tired. Not sure if it's from the heat, the big lunch I had, or the fact I donated platelets (apheresis) yesterday. I run only a mile but still do my crunches and push-ups.

7:15 -- Try and take a good photo of the kids eating apples from our tree in the yard. Am unsuccessful. Taking a photo of both kids together is extremely difficult. Mike gives the kids a bath while I check my email.

8:00 -- Kids go to bed. I eat a light dinner of leftover lentils and rice with multiple dollops of crema (Mexican sour cream). To liven up the dish, I add a couple of tablespoons of red wine before heating it up. It's really good.

8:30 -- Spend some minutes thinking about what I want to write tonight. Remember that it's Day In The Life time but then realize that I'm actually three days late. Oh well. Decide to do it anyway because I have a feeling that these posts will be the most interesting twenty years from now.

9:30 -- Take laptop to bed to finish up post. Contemplate not checking spelling because I'm still so gosh darned tired.

10:00 -- Declare post done. Good night!

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